For some reason, I had it in my head that TODAY was Friday and YESTERDAY (which I knew was Wednesday) was the only day I had left to make the mac-n-cheese for the challenge.

Oh, but then I realized after making the mac-n-cheese that there is another day sandwiched in between the two, and this day is known as THURSDAY. How I forgot about Thursday’s existence is beyond me, because Thursday is my favorite day of the week. This is the day we get a catered lunch at the winery. I’ve never in the history of my employment with this winery forgotten about Thursdays.

So anyways, I forgot about Thursday. Which, it turns out, is A-Okay for me, because last night I feasted on a Mac-n-Cheese so yummy… Oh wait, it’s too early yet to talk about it. But I ate it. I ate a lot of it. I even took a few pictures. They’re not the best photos, but they’re photos, nonetheless.

And I’m almost wishing it was Friday and not Thursday because then I could eat the leftovers for lunch. Oh, but wait. Our lovely caterer is making Enchiladas. Never mind. Leftovers can wait.

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