WOWZERS! My first ever MEME! This is so EXCITING!! Mrs. B over at Eating Suburbia tagged me, and I have to say I was tickled pink to be tagged!

What’s more exciting, is this meme is forcing me out of my Jennatarianism reclusiveness… I’m actually posting on this defunct blog. And perhaps I can keep on keepin on and post more often? Time will tell.

Considering I hardly ever post here, I’m sure there is plenty you don’t know about me. And I’m just going to assume that you don’t read my other blog, as I reveal much more about myself over there than I do here. Anywho… Here’s 5 things that I can think of that you may not know about me:

1. I’m an “Ashtangini.” I wake up at 5:30 a.m. every morning except for moondays, Saturdays, and “Ladies Holidays” to practice Ashtanga Yoga. Currently, my practice is about 100 minutes in length, and just keeps getting longer. I also teach three Ashtanga yoga classes per week here in San Luis Obispo. I began practicing yoga about 7 years ago after two car accidents limited my train-running and weight-lifting. You can see pictures of me bending myself into strange shapes here on my flickr page.

2. I love to arm wrestle. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment as I’m actually not that strong and I only win about 40% of the time if that, but seriously, I love it. Arm wrestling is fun. This is how I try to settle most of my arguments. Words are overrated. :)

3. I have big feet. Mostly due to my very long toes. I’m overly obsessed about my size 10 feet… Whereas most women ask their husbands whether or not their butt looks big in a pair of jeans, I’m more likely to ask mine, “Do my feet look big in these shoes?” Now, I’m not saying that size 10 is an overly large shoe size, but it is pretty big for someone who’s just barely 5’3″.

4. I was very nearly born in my dad’s Midnight Blue Porsche 911 on Highway 17 during rush hour traffic. This is why I feel that Porsche should give me a car. Unfortunately, we don’t see eye to eye on this matter.

5. I took piano lessons for 9 years (began when I was 5, stopped when I was 14). I still play from time to time, but I’m not a “musician.” I know I’m not a musician because one night a few years ago after a few martinis, I decided to play a tune on the baby grand piano in a jazz bar here in San Luis Obispo.  After the first few bars of a “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” by Michael Nyman (from the soundtrack of The Piano, which is the only song besides “Heart and Soul” that I can play in its entirety from memory) I was asked to leave the bar since the piano was “for musicians only.”

Now comes the part when I have to tag people. This wouldn’t be so hard since I subscribe to close to a hundred different food blogger feeds, but this meme’s been going around for a while and I’m not sure who’s left!

If I’m tagging you, and you’ve already been tagged, feel free to ignore me. Sorry for your troubles.

Since this meme has been all over the food blogosphere for so long, let’s see if we can switch it up to include the yoga/ashtanga blogosphere as well….

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