Several years ago, when I was still at Cal Poly studying… well… what was I studying? Not important. Anyways, back in college, one day out of the blue, these t-shirts started popping up all over campus. They were bright orange, and all they said was, "I Agree With Jimmy."

It started with just a few kids sporting the shirts, but within a week or two, the orange shirts infiltrated the campus. Guaranteed, at least one kid in each of your classes would be wearing one. I wondered if these people ever washed their orange shirts, or if they just decided to wear them day after day after day.

What did it all mean? Why were these people agreeing with some guy who apparently needed no last name?

Well, this was the bait on a hook. I approached one girl wearing her Jimmy shirt and asked her about it. "So what's all this Jimmy stuff about?"

"Omigod! I'm Sooooo glad you asked! Jimmy is a guy who's in Campase Crusades for Christ with me. He says Jesus died for our sins, and I agree with him. Do you agree with Jimmy?"

"Um… that's none of your business." (Oh crap. what had I done? I had opened the door to a spiritual discussion with a complete stranger… How had this happened???)

"Well, here's a flyer for Campus Crusades. You should come to a meeting sometime, it's… like… so COOL!" (hair-flip and giggle)

"Um…. I don't think so. I'm really busy with school and booze and all that other stuff."

So Jimmy was Cal Poly's prophet a la mode. Apparently, other colleges had similar experiences with t-shirt prophets, and all of their names begin with the letter J… hmmm… J for Jesus? Or maybe the alliteration is simply coincidence. Genius marketing, much less intrusive than, say, a Jehovah's Witness at your door.

So anyways, where was all this going? Oh yes. That's right. I still don't agree with Jimmy. Instead, I agree with Fred.