A friend of mine threw herself an Iron Chef birthday party this last weekend. See more details here at my other blog…

This was such a fun idea. Each guest had to bring an appetizer made with mushrooms. There were some great dishes: Stuffed mushroom caps, foccacia topped with sauteed mushrooms, wild mushroom crostini with goat cheese, fresh spring rolls with mushrooms, a wild mushroom-bacon soup… the list goes on and on.

What did I bring? Baked brie with mushrooms in puff pastry. I don’t really have a recipe here, I just kind of threw stuff in a pan without paying too much attention to quantities.

I sauteed some sliced baby portabella mushrooms in butter and olive oil with sliced green garlic and shallots, added chopped sage and prosciutto, let it simmer with a splash of marsala wine, threw it all over a round of Brie, wrapped the round in a sheet of puff pastry, and baked it until the pastry was a lovely golden brown.

The results were lovely. I’ll make this one of my staples, for sure. And next time I make it, I’ll pay more attention to quantities, measurements, etc.

I wish I had pictures. My camera’s out sick again. The batteries charge fully, but seem to last mere seconds before going dead. But believe me when I say it was pretty. And more importantly, it was so good.